Why Prefinishing?

Why Prefinishing?

Factory prefinishing is superior to jobsite finishing for most applications. In fact, AWI and WDMA endorse factory prefinishing:

  • Factory finishing is usually specified for high-quality work where superior appearance and performance of the finish is desired.
  • Benefits of factory finishing include consistency, control of film thickness, environmental compliance, and curing/drying of the finish in a controlled atmosphere.
  • Its use assumes a maximum degree of manufacturer prefabrication so that site installation can be performed with a minimum amount of cutting, fitting, and adjustment to facilitate completion.
  • Field finishing is typically specified when there is not a demand or specific need for a superior appearance and is not necessarily part of the woodwork contract.

[Architectural Woodwork Standards, published jointly
by AWI, AWMAC, and the Woodwork Institute]

  • Factory finishing is generally specified when a project requires high quality performance and superior appearance. Factory finishing offers many benefits:
  • State-of-the-art equipment in a dust-free environment provides uniform color, texture, and sheen~conditions normally unavailable in the field.
  • Very frequently in field finishing, numerous limitations prevent proper sanding. Improperly sanded, a door lacks the clarity of finish and uniformity of color achievable in factory finishing.
  • Factory finishing provides adequate drying time in a dust free environment.
  • Door manufacturing facilities are subject to strict State and Federal environmental standards which result in the proper handling, application, and disposal of materials. Specifying factory finish improves environmental compliance.
  • It ensures that wood is protected from unfavorable moisture conditions at the earliest possible time.
  • In most cases the cost of factory finishing is lower than the cost of using a separate finishing contractor.
  • Factory finished doors need only to be installed after delivery, which means faster project completion.

[ANSI/WDMA I.S. 1A-2004]

We would add two more benefits of factory-finishing:

  • It costs less to spot a problem at the prefinisher where it can be immediately repaired or culled and reordered before it is shipped to the jobsite.
  • Prefinishing VOC’s are controlled at the factory and, therefore, reduced at the jobsite. Many green building guidelines reward builders for installing prefinished products.

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