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Industry Information

Types of Prefinishing
Finishers apply a wide variety of finishing systems and methods. For example, a woodworker or jobsite finisher might apply the finish by hand; custom prefinishers, in a booth. High-volume prefinishers employ a production line, using robotics, lasers, and technology. Midwest Prefinishing is a high-volume prefinisher with custom capabilities.

Various Finishing Systems
Formulas include latex, catalyzed lacquer, nitrocellulose, conversion varnish, UV curable, and more. In fact, the Architectural Millwork Standards (AWI, Volume 1) lists thirteen different finishing systems; the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA), 16 systems. Both lists focus on architectural applications. But prefinishers for residential and hospitality applications typically create their own proprietary formulas, working closely with their paint, stain, and equipment vendors. Their goal is beauty, durability, fade-resistance, and repairability at a reasonable cost.

So, although you should choose a high quality finish, don’t overspecify a finish with properties you do not need and at a price you should not pay. AWI states it more formally: “Choose performance characteristics which meet, but do not exceed, the needs of your project in the interest of value engineering.”

Industry Standards and Trade Organizations

Architectural Millwork Standards, Volume 1, Section 5:
Finishing; also, Appendix B: Finishing

WDMA’s Industry Standard for Architectural
Wood Flush Doors: I.S. 1A-04

Associated Millwork Distributors

National Hardwood Lumber Association

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