Care & Handling

Care and Handling

Midwest Prefinishing’s high quality and durable finishes are easy to maintain. Simply take a soft cloth or sponge and wipe down with a wood oil soap or lemon oil. Do not use wax or any abrasive cleaners or solvents.

Doors must be properly handled, stored, and installed as well. Treat these beautiful interior prefinished doors as “fine furniture”, and they will last a lifetime. Here’s some recommendations from AWI, Architectural Woodwork Institute:

  • Avoid localized high heat, such as a hot pan or plate, or a hot light source, close to or in contact with the finished surface. Exposure to direct sunlight will alter the appearance of fine woodwork over time. [Midwest recommendation: do not store doors in a closed container exposed to the summer sunlight; it acts as an oven, the doors become superheated, the finish potentially softens, and the door can become distorted.]
  • While awaiting installation, woodwork shall be stored flat on a level surface, at least 4” off the floor, and with a cover to keep it clean, while permitting air circulation.
  • Store and install woodwork in an area that is clean, dry and well-ventilated, protected from moisture, between 60-90°F, maintains a Relative Humidity of 25-55% inclusive and a moisture content between 5-10%. [Then, acclimate the woodwork] to the [environment] for a minimum of 72 hours prior to installation.

Excerpts from the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Volume 1