Sponsor a Lunch & Learn; Presented by AWI

Sponsor a Lunch & Learn, Presented by AWI

AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) is the foremost architectural trade association in the U.S. Together with the Woodwork Institute and AWMAC, it developed a unified standard (AWS), a common language and guide, for architects to follow when specifying.  And it helps woodworkers to quote and to produce with parity.  You want content? Read the standard’s 600+ pages.

Lunch & Learn
But how do you teach this rich, massive standard to architects responsible for a host of other standards and processes? Feed it to them in one-hour, bite-size pieces during a Lunch & Learn (Box Lunch).

Why should an architect take the time?
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) gives the architects the incentive for Lunch & Learn. AIA is “the leading professional membership association for licensed architects.” It requires its members to earn 18 Learning Units of continuing education each year in order to maintain their good standing. And AWI created 16 presentations with AIA credits.

But who’s going to teach on behalf of AWI?
AWI couldn’t stretch its personnel or budget thin enough to reach architects throughout the country. So, it fell upon a novel idea: ask its local members to make the presentations, then train these volunteers in the art of public speaking. It worked! AWI’s website shows over 90 AWI volunteers on its Speaker’s Bureau.

You’ll find a local speaker at Midwest Prefinishing
Midwest Prefinishing employs Todd Burud as a consultant; he’s also an affiliate member of AWI. He just returned from a two-day training session in Dallas for the Speaker’s Bureau and brought home these insights:

  • Respect for AWI. Board members conducted the training with professionalism and without personal gain.
  • Humility and trust. Public speaking is humbling, but the audience is forgiving when they see effort and sincerity.
  • Industry’s capability. Participants included business owners and managers with deeply held knowledge and skill. Also, an afternoon tour of 3 high-tech shops in the Dallas area demonstrated the industry’s bright future.

Would you like to schedule Todd for a presentation?
He’s trained to make presentations to architects on behalf of AWI. Non-AWI businesses and organizations may also request a presentation. Just send an e-mail to AWI or Midwest Prefinishing with the following information:

  1. Topic or program
  2. Todd Burud’s name
  3. Date, time, location of presentation
  4. Your contact information
  5. Estimated number of attendees
  6. Venue, room set-up
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