Learn WDMA Door Standards In Webinars

What changed in WDMA’s newest Finishing Section?

Learn WDMA Door Standards In Webinars

Connect to WDMA webinarThe WDMA (Window & Door Manufacturers Association) developed two webinars introducing their two newest standards: Architectural Wood Flush Doors (I.S.1A-2011) and Architectural Stile and Rail Doors (I.S.6A-2011).  They’re open to the millwork industry and to the public, and also carry CE credits for architects.  Just go to WDMA’s website, register, and download each webinar.

After completing the webinars and their quizzes, WDMA sends you a PDF file of the standards.  Each quiz is only a few basic questions.  It’s easy and fast.

Changes in the Finishing Section
You’ll notice several changes to the finishing section from the previous versions.  The finishing section is identical in both standards:

  • WDMA dropped several finishes (red highlight in the table below) from the old version and added TR-8 (transparent) to the new version.  Architectural and commercial finish systems evolve and improve over time.  What was in favor ten years ago, might be replaced by a better system today.
  • System ratings changed, generally improving scores.
  • The recommended size of the samples sent by the architect to the door manufacturer or prefinisher is now smaller:  8” square instead of 8” x 10”.
  • WDMA inserted a phrase (here, in red) to more carefully explain barber poling, “Barber pole effect in book matched veneers is not a defect, but is a result of tight and loose sides of veneer created during the slicing process.”  In the past, door manufacturers and prefinishers often drew criticism for this natural effect.  Thank you, WDMA, for characterizing it correctly.

As before, WDMA recommends factory finishing (aka, prefinishing).  Midwest Prefinishing offers both TR-2/OP-2 catalyzed lacquer and TR-4/OP-4 conversion varnish finishes.

Comparing the Finish Section of WDMA’s Newest Door Standards

Old Version
Flush I.S.1A-04; Stile & Rail I.S.6A-08Specified 16 finishing systems
New Version
Flush I.S.1A-11; Stile & Rail I.S.6A-11Specified 8 finishing systems
TR-0 Synthetic penetrating oilTR-1 & OP-1 Nitrocellulose lacquersTR-2 & OP-2 Catalyzed lacquerTR-3 & OP-3 Acrylic lacquer

TR-4 & OP-4 Conversion varnish

TR-5 & OP-5 Catalyzed vinyl

TR-6 & OP-6 Catalyzed polyurethane

TR-7 & OP-7 Polyester

OP-8 Polyester/polyurethane

TR-2 & OP-2 Catalyzed lacquerTR-4 & OP-4 Conversion varnishTR-6 & OP-6 Catalyzed polyurethanes

TR-8 & OP-8 UV Cured acrylated polyester/urethane


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