AWI Involves Its Membership at Every Level

AWI Involves Its Membership at Every Level

Members of AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) create the finest commercial woodwork in America. They’re pros. As evidence, read the article, Ski Right In (Design Solutions, Spring 2012). It features the architectural woodwork in Utah’s new Montage Deer Valley Resort. AWI members designed and installed the woodwork on this exclusive “rustic and refined…European manor house of the West.” Well, you get the idea. It’s bigger than life, and as perfectly adorned in wood as possible.

For those of us working in supporting roles (prefinisher, sales and marketing), the execution and completion of these projects evokes awe. The detail, the precision, the cooperation~these elements require extraordinary drive and skill. And I enjoyed seeing these qualities firsthand while attending AWI’s Speakers Bureau Training in Dallas.

A Standard Is Only Effective If It’s Applied
I’ll describe this training in more detail. But first, think of the Bureau’s purpose. AWI collaborated with members and other groups to write architectural standards. These standards help to create a common language and a reasonable expectation of the finished product. It’s good for architect, woodworker, general contractor, and owner alike.

But a standard is only effective when it is applied. So, AWI promotes it to architects through bite-size, powerpoint presentations at Lunch & Learns. In turn, architects earn AIA Learning Units. The next step? Create a network of trained, qualified presenters. And AWI instinctively looked to its membership for help.

AWI Trains Its Own, With Its Own
The training in Dallas is what you’d expect from AWI: first-class. The trainers drew from their own experience, and from the knowledge of several writers and a specific book, titled, The Exceptional Presenter. Topics included storytelling, introductions, humor, posture and gestures, and more. Then, students made several presentations to develop their composure and skill. So, who are these trainers? AWI members.

These trainers, students, and everyone associated with the Dallas conference, also revealed a more human side. They were genuinely warm, friendly, and respectful people; I enjoyed their camaraderie.

Involvement at Every Level
From the elevated ambience of the Montage Deer Valley Resort, to AWS Standards, to Speakers Bureau training, AWI and its membership display professionalism and a broad competence. Midwest Prefinishing and I would like to grow in our relationship with this group of dedicated, competent craftsmen.

Todd Burud, Marketing Consultant for Midwest Prefinishing

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