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About Midwest Prefinishing

Similar to kitchen cabinets, millwork – doors, moulding, stair parts – is now typically factory-prefinished for several reasons: No fumes or clutter at the jobsite, a controlled environment, consistent preparation and inspection, and lower costs.

Not all prefinished millwork is the same. Midwest Prefinishing knows how wood responds to chemicals, temperature, and moisture. We combine that knowledge with the latest technology and consistent quality control to give you a lasting and impressive product.

Simply the Best: Not a boast, but a dedication to excellence
Midwest Prefinishing began in 1984 as a prehanger and converted exclusively to prefinishing in 1989. Our facility  in Middleton prefinishes a wide range of product~both production and job-lot orders~on 2 moulding lines, an automated door line, and custom booths.

Midwest Prefinishing buildingMark Larson, owner, created a slogan to match his company’s philosophy: Simply the Best. Midwest Prefinishing strives to be “the best supplier, one that is worry-free and where quality is paramount. Nothing leaves the door we wouldn’t be proud of installing in our own homes.” Our workmanship is guaranteed. Try Midwest Prefinishing and find out why our prefinishing is “Simply the Best!”